As globalisation continues to expand, there are obstacles that can limit the success of general business operations. For companies to progress they need to figure out and address the challenges. 

Language Barrier 

A leading challenge facing software companies is language barrier. Text within the software needs to be translated correctly for the intended users. Incorrect software can cause the user to have difficulty navigating through the software. This can lead to an inadequate user experience. 

However, to solve this, a lot of software companies partner up with agencies that adapt the product in each of the target languages required. Regardless of what the companies operating platform is, the agency will ensure that the software is translated correctly. This will cause the users to be more satisfied and proficient in using the company’s product. 


When a company becomes global, some of the projects may be completed in other countries. This can be seen as beneficial because it lowers costs for the development of the software, but it can also cause an increase in costs or cause delays when completing a project. It can also be a challenge to budget effectively because of the currency exchange rate. 

However, the simple solution to this is proper budgeting. If the company sets a price in pounds sterling (for instance), and they pay at that set price then it should be fine. Do not let the currency exchange rate increase the price. 


Just like costs, pricing is also a challenge facing software development. Prices vary between different countries and this is due to the value of money in one country compared to another. Therefore, pricing a product for another country can be a challenge. 

In order to solve this problem, companies can either accept a lower valuation or risk not selling any products in that country. 

Global Functionality 

When creating programs that rely on local knowledge of systems, the company creates a software package that requires a great deal of functionality. Each country has different systems and legal requirements so, several versions of software need to be made or one that can do all. 

One of the possible solutions would be to create one software that does it all because creating several can be a problem. Firstly, it creates a lot more work which creates problems with updates and maintenance. 

There are several challenges, but it is important to remember that for every problem there is a solution. Companies just have to develop plans that will counter all the foreseeable challenges.