It was reported in a recent article by ComputerWeekly that the UK technology sector is growing 2.6 times faster than the overall economy. London is now ranked as the second most connected place for tech in the world behind Silicon Valley in the USA. As the UK firmly establishes itself as a leader in innovation and adoption of new technology the talent behind the industry success is proving more valuable than ever. 

Technology companies are supported by a wide variety of skilled employees that drive the success of the business through varied operational responsibility. Perhaps as important than any department is the sales function. The performance of this area of the business can often define the success of a company. A good product or service is one thing but the go to market strategy determines the level of return. As a result as the technology sector continues to grow companies are facing a ‘war for talent’. Established businesses must not only compete with new players entering the market in attracting sales professionals but they also have a battle to retain talent as the growth of companies outweighs the growth in available talent. As an area of your workforce you will struggle to operate without and with no temporary solution available companies must act. We take a look at those who have been leading the way in hiring Sales talent in the UK across the sector over the last 12 months:

More than 5,000 employees

  1. Oracle
  2. Gartner
  3. Accenture
  4. IBM
  5. Amazon Web Services

Between 500 – 5,000 employees

  1. Softcat plc
  2. NetSuite
  3. Tableau Software
  4. The Hut Group
  5. Splunk

Less than 500 employees

  1. Bytes Software Services
  2. OneTrust
  3. Blue Prism
  4. CAE technology services
  5. Six degrees group

The above organisations have demonstrated the most active approach in hiring sales talent. However they represent a small proportion of the 18,302 professionals that have moved company and job in the last 12 months in the UK, according to LinkedIn. Over 13,000 jobs have been posted on LinkedIn in the last week seeking sales talent for the tech sector. The current trends suggest there will be no fall in demand. For prospective candidates it is a great time to be on the market with significant choice and value on the up. For employers it is a key time to ensure you have the right recruitment partners, maximise your employer brand, create an interview process that sells your company and be competitive with salary and benefits. 

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