There is a growing demand for technology skills across the UK, especially in London but the big question is what convinces technology sales professionals to move to the busy city?

In London, there is a surplus of available talent with almost 240,000 digital tech professionals that come from all over the world. With a market worth £36 billion, London’s ICT market could be said to be Europe’s largest. According to The Telegraph, London could be said to be the most powerful technology hub in the world. For instance, by start-ups per capita, Britain beats the United States. 

One obvious reason why London is home to the tech hub is university education. Britain is home to eight of Europe’s top 20 Universities. Within a 60-mile radius between Oxbridge and London, are six of these universities alone. Not to mention that new tech companies that are worth $1bn or more are British i.e. Deliveroo, Rightmove and TransferWise. 

Not only are start-ups making London their home but also big companies, like Google moving their head office to Kings Cross. Fintech companies like Monzo, Transferwise and Funding Cirlce are just some of the companies that are a leading sector for investment in the UK. London continues to dominate the tech sector, home to more than 40% of the start-ups in the industry and it is not the only area that big companies have been interested in. 

In regard to start-ups, London has many advantages for them. Firstly, due to there being a shared language (English), it is the first port for US tech companies who are looking to grow into Europe. This is also due to the fact that it is part of the European Union. Secondly, London’s long-standing role as a financial hub has given its fin-tech start-ups access to customers and know-how. Also, the city has a long history and status of being one of the world’s most open, multi-cultural and diverse capitals which thousands of individuals are proud to call home. 

With new technology also in the race, Artificial Intelligence is a huge player and another reason why London is a hotspot. London is home to approximately 758 AI companies which is double the total found in Paris and Berlin combined. They specialise in more than 30 industries with strengths varying from insurance to law and a majority of these companies have their headquarters in the city of London. Moreover, investments raised by these companies has grown exponentially by more than 50% since 2017 which just goes to show that this market continues to grow. 

There is always going to be new and improved technology that needs to be pushed by someone, with companies starting up and moving to London, it is only natural that tech sales professionals follow suit. As great as it is that all these companies have a presence, tech sales professionals need to be the people to drive sales for them and therefore, create a profit.